Thank you for considering Gray PCB Services for your printed circuit board needs. While always striving to offer the best competitive pricing for the printed circuit board (PCB) industry, we look forward to the opportunity in being able to meet and exceed your expectations in providing reliable high quality service with quick standard turn around times. Rush same day expedited services are available upon request. Gray PCB Services' priority is in offering the customers the lowest pricing on the PCB market today for scanning and digitizing services. We guarantee that our generated gerber data will match your printed circuit boards' original artwork and maintain 100% accuracy to the original designs' layout. We are always available for the customers in working with them on their specific PCB requirements. Gray PCB Services encompasses 25 years of experience in the PCB industry.

Scanning and Digitizing - Providing the customer with a complete set of data (Gerber files with NC Drill files) that any printed circuit board manufacturing shop will need and be able to use in building your boards.

Gray PCB Services can capture an intelligent digitized database from your circuit board layout artwork - film, plots, paper drawings, hand taped artwork, hand written marked up drawings, print outs, and even bare boards. We can also work from all types electronic files (pdf, tiff, etc.) as well. If we can see it, we can recreate it in supplying you with a full gerber/drill package ready for any board shop to manufacture your printed circuit boards. Reverse engineering is an excellent alternative at a much lower cost compared to printed circuit redesign. We can handle all size single sided, double sided and multi layer boards. Also we can work from scaled artwork.
  • Any and all changes that you may want to be made to your existing designs can be done at this time as well. Supply us with either marked up drawings indicating the desired changes, detail the requests in email or give us a call to discuss.
  • All gerber files are written out in the standard Gerber RS-274-X, absolute, 2.4, leading, english.
  • All drill files are written out in the standard Excellon 2, absolute, 2.4, trailing, english.
  • Files can be written out in any other format upon request.

Database Conversions - Do you have board layouts done in AutoCAD? DXF and DWG files can be easily converted to a Gerber file database.

Gray PCB Services can support many types of design format conversions, providing the customer a database with intelligent symbols and connectivity.

Photoplotting - Do you require check plots as a full package to go along with your artwork scanning and digitizing or database conversions order?

Gray PCB Services can provide check plots if needed when generating any gerber data order.

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing - Do you require having your pc boards manufactured as a full package to go along with your artwork scanning and digitizing or database conversions order?

Gray PCB Services can provide PCB manufacturing if needed with any order.

/ Contact Jim Gray with your questions and request for quotations / FTP access available for customers with file sizes too large to email /

/ Accepted payment methods: All Credit Cards & Debit Cards, eChecks, Checks, Net 30 accounts available to qualifying customers /

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